‘SpaceCamp’ Remake in the Works at Disney+

Disney is like a kid at Christmas who wants to play with all his toys at once. After purchasing 20th Century Fox, the company has moved quickly to redevelop, reboot, or remake a variety of former Fox properties.

Today, they’ve decided to revamp the 1980s cult classic SpaceCamp for 21st century audiences.

The Hollywood Reporter has word that a remake of SpaceCamp is in the works for Disney+. The streaming service has set Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell (both known for Saturday Night Live) to write the script. The duo are also working on a Home Alone reboot for the service.

SpaceCamp followed a group of teens attending astronaut camp that are accidentally launched into space along with their instructor. It featured a who’s who of popular 80s actors from Lea Thompson to Kelly Preston to Kate Capshaw. It was also the feature film debut of Joaquin Phoenix.

It’s unknown if the SpaceCamp remake will also act as a legacy-quel bringing back the original cast members in cameos. Lea Thompson could easily take the spot Kate Capshaw’s character played in the original. It would also allow the film to make a couple “I can’t believe this is happening again” jokes.

Otherwise, I’m not sure a SpaceCamp remake is necessary, but, then again, neither are the sequels and reboots currently flooding theaters. I guess I’ll reserve any real judgement until a first look or trailer is released.

What are your thoughts on a SpaceCamp remake? What would you change from the original premise to make it timely for today’s youth?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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