Ten Characters That Should Appear in ‘Suicide Squad 3’

While it didn’t light the box office up, The Suicide Squad proved to be a giant hit for HBO, so a third sequel is an inevitability. And due to their continued relationship with Gunn (Peacemaker hits HBO Max in January), bringing him back is a forgone conclusion. Having him at the helm is more exciting than the confirmation of a new movie because under his direction, anything goes. He’s already proven to have an affinity for the more unique and obscure of DC’s catalogue, which makes it exciting because he can kill any one of them off. There’s actually stakes unlike most superhero movies. Keeping that in mind, Duke and I have compiled a list of C-tier heroes and villains we’d like to see show up in the next installment.

Here are the 10 characters who should appear in Suicide Squad 3.

10. Snowflame (Nick Lutsko)

What you know him from: YouTube

Why he’d be perfect for the team: Gunn must take pleasure knowing he can fill up Suicide Squad 3 with as many obscure DC characters as he wants and either try and turn them into new fan favorites or utterly destroy them for comedy. He can turn their dumbest ideas into gold just by shining a lot on how stupid they are and then laughing along with them. The perfect example of which is Snowflame, a character that would never get used in a movie even if DC released two a year forever. He’s a villain that gets his super powers from snorting a Tony Montana amount of cocaine. You guessed right, he’s a Columbian drug lord. But that’s not as funny as turning him into a regular old bum. It’s an idea so dumb, you’re forced to love it, which makes it perfect for Gunn. Throw Nick Lutsko in there (the sweaty maniac on YouTube who sings songs about Spirit Halloween, Gremlins 3 and Chrissy Teigen unfollowing him on Facebook) and you got yourself gold.

–Sailor Monsoon

09. Poison Ivy (Rose Leslie)

What you know her from: Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, The Good Fight

Why she’d be perfect for the team: It’s only a matter of time before Poison Ivy enters the DC Extended Universe. The comics (and animated series) have been establishing Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s partnership/romance for close to three decades now. With Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn a cornerstone of the DCEU, Poison Ivy is a necessity in order to keep her character fresh. Quinn has already had a solo/Birds of Prey film and been part of Task Force X twice. The next logical step would be to pair her off with Poison Ivy and Catwoman for a Gotham City Sirens film. First, I’d introduce Ivy through the third Suicide Squad film (where she’d take the place of Harley Quinn as the A-list villain who won’t die). I’ve been waiting for Rose Leslie to get a major comic book role for a while now (I also thought she’d be perfect for Batgirl). With her husband, Kit Harington, now a part of the MCU, why not have Leslie play for the other team. She’s got the right hair color for Ivy and the acting chops to bring her to life. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Margot Robbie and Rose Leslie chewing scenery together on the big screen?

–Marmaduke Karlston

08. The Shade (Crispin Glover)

What you know him from: Back to the Future, River’s Edge, Willard

Why he’d be perfect for the team: Since the teams in both movies have been made up of crazy psychos and hardened badasses, there hasn’t been a character or threat they’ve been afraid of. Even within their own group, no one is threatened by anyone else. I think there’s some untapped comedic potential in a character so weird and creepy, the rest of the squad is actively afraid of him. The Shade would fit that bill without even having that superpower. He dresses like a goth mortician and has the ability to manipulate shadows. Add on top of that, the casting of Crispin Glover and you have the creepiest character in any DC or Marvel movie. Which again can be played for laughs if you use his creepiness as a punchline. Like have him suddenly appear behind a character when they’re talking to someone else or have him fuck with the others with his shadow monsters. It would be something different, which is the strength of these movies.

–Sailor Monsoon

07. Cupid (Lindsay Lohan)

What you know her from: Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, The Parent Trap

Why she’d be perfect for the team: In the MCU, expert archer Hawkeye is constantly the punching bag of many jokes given how impractical it might seem for an archer to take part in a battle surrounded by heroes with super strength, speed, etc. However, Task Force X is made up of disposable criminals, so an archer would actually fit in with the team dynamics. Cupid is minor recurring enemy of Green Arrow, who she is obsessively in love with. Like, she’s absolutely crazy in terms of how much she fantasies and wants to be in relationship with him. I’d play up this angle in the film. Maybe she thinks the mission is rescuing Green Arrow. Maybe Amanda Waller has promised her Green Arrow in exchange for joining the team instead of a reduced prison sentence. Whatever the case, I’d love to see an archer on Task Force X and one that would outdo most of her teammates. Make Cupid one of the best members of the team. Have her archery skills be a strength for the team instead of a weakness. I feel Lohan could really tap into the more lovey-dovey aspect of Cupid, but still show signs of her craziness.

–Marmaduke Karlston

06. Solomon Grundy (Bray Wyatt)

What you know him from: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Why he’d be perfect for the team: Solomon Grundy is one of the few supernatural villains Batman fights on the regular. Most of his villains are or at least can be grounded in reality. As Nolan proved, it’s very easy to remove the more comic book-y elements of characters while still remaining faithful to what makes them beloved in the first place. Even the more ridiculous villains like Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze could work if the director wanted to make them a believable threat but there’s nothing you can do to make Solomon Grundy make sense. He’s a zombie. His backstory, personality and powers all stem from the fact that he’s a walking corpse. If you change that, he’s no longer the same character. Which means he’ll never show up in those realistic Pattinson movies, but their loss is Gunn’s gain. He’s a monosyllabic, nigh invincible bullet sponge that can take as much damage as he dishes out and he can dish out some hurt’n. The only reason Batman stands a chance against him, is the fact that he’s dumber than a rock. That puts him in that King Shark category (the big dangerous comedic relief) but I trust Gunn not to repeat himself. If done right, he could be the scene stealer of the film but that also comes down to who gets cast in the role. I’m going with Bray Wyatt for two reasons. Firstly, when he was a wrestler, he was the most entertaining and unique one in the game and secondly, if he really wants to take a run at being an actor, there’s no better director to work with than the cat who’s track record with them is unassailable. He’s big, he’s intimidating but he’s also goofy and funny. He has all the qualities of a perfect zombie.

–Sailor Monsoon

05. Count Vertigo (Macaulay Culkin)

What you know him from: Home Alone, Uncle Buck, American Horror Story: Double Feature

Why he’d be perfect for the team: Count Vertigo is a character whose abilities—to cause vertigo in others—would translate perfectly to the big screen. Whether or not Gunn—who I guess Sailor has decided will direct Suicide Squad 3—keeps the character’s background as the last descendant of the royal family that ruled the fictional European country of Vlatava, I’d definitely modify his backstory so that he was a child actor. If you’re casting Culkin, you need some jokes that he was once a child actor. I’d change the character’s inner ear defect so that it wasn’t hereditary, but was brought on by a filming accident. That makes Vertigo a bit of a tragic figure, someone the audience might sympathize with. So anyway, Vertigo gets his powers from the small electronic device implanted in his right temple that fixed his own case of vertigo caused by the inner ear defect. But when he messes with the device, he can distort the perceptions of others so they can’t tell up from down. Like I already said, there’s plenty one could do with this ability on screen to make it look really cinematic. And heck, you know that when Vertigo uses his powers, the rest of Task Force X will get affected and, knowing Gunn, that’ll be a fun scene to watch.

–Marmaduke Karlston

04. Silver Banshee (Hannah Waddingham)

What you know her from: Ted Lasso, The Hustle, Sex Education

Why she’d be perfect for the team: Supersonic speed, sound manipulation and generation, superhuman hearing, superhuman strength, supersonic screams/screeches, perfect fluency in any language (just from hearing a few words), vocal replication, musical persuasion, and flight via sound waves; those are all of the abilities Silver Banshee has in her arsenal to use on her enemies. Even if Gunn chose to eliminate half those powers, she’d still be the most important member of Task Force X with her ability to replicate voices and persuade security with music. I chose Waddingham for this role for two reason: 1) I needed an actress that could also sing; and 2) I just want to see her get some more prominent film roles (she is great in The Hustle). Plus, I’m sort of picking characters that have unique superpowers that would either look good on the big screen or compliment (or contrast) the other members’ own abilities. I mean, if you have Vertigo and Silver Banshee using their powers at once, that’s just going to be fun to watch.

–Marmaduke Karlston

03. Wild Dog (Natasha Lyonne)

What you know her from: American Pie, Orange is the New Black, Slums of Beverly Hills

Why she’d be perfect for the team: With his hockey mask, camo pants, knee pads and iconic blue shirt adorned with a comical red pup, Wild Dog is DC’s answer to Punisher. They have similar back stories and modus operandi, so in order to differentiate him from that character, I thought the best way to adapt him is to gender swap him. A female Punisher could be a lot of fun, especially if she’s played by the always eccentric Natasha Lyonne. She injects every character she plays with a unique manic energy–you never know what she’s going to do or what she’s capable of. I’d keep her under the mask for the fight scenes (easy way to hide the action double) and have her pop it off to crack wise. The Squad movies works best when the cast is filled with variety and different comedic tones and I think Lyonne could help it stand apart from the previous one and every other superhero movie.

–Sailor Monsoon

02. Killer Frost (Kristen Stewart)

What you know her from: Twilight, Charlie’s Angels, Spencer

Why she’s perfect for the team: So far, besides Poison Ivy, I don’t care whether my picks make it out of the film alive or dead. The movie is called Suicide Squad after all. But I’d hope Killer Frost would also make it out alive. A regular member of the team in the comics (and animated films), Killer Frost is dying for a proper live-action adaptation. I don’t hate the character in the current Flash TV show, but she’s not exactly the cold-hearted villain she could and should be. Kristen Stewart’s career is on the up-and-up, and while I can’t see her signing a multi-film contract to play a superhero, I can see her signing on for one really good role/appearance. In my mind, Killer Frost would be the main female lead in Suicide Squad 3. Her ice powers would contrast Poison Ivy’s plant powers and the rest of the characters I have picked so far. Of course, Stewart playing in the DC universe means that Killer Frost needs to make at least one or two crude remarks about Batman, which the audience would take as jokes aimed at her Twilight co-star/ex-boyfriend (and current Batman) Robert Pattinson. But, in all seriousness, casting an actress like Stewart would give the character some added weight should DC decide to bring Killer Frost back for future films (whether it’s another Suicide Squad sequel or spin-off prequel featuring Frost and her relationship with superhero Firestorm).

–Marmaduke Karlston

01. Gentleman Ghost (Matt Berry)

What you know him from: What We Do in the Shadows, The IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

Why he’d be perfect for the team: Ignoring the fact that it makes literally zero sense how or why a ghost could get arrested, let alone incarcerated, Gentleman Ghost would make a perfect addition to the team. Hell, you could make jokes about how hard it was to implant a phantom with an explosive. Completely invisible save for a top hat, monocle and a fancy 19th century ensemble, Gentleman Ghost would be nothing but a voice, so hiring Matt Berry, the best voice in the biz, would be a license to print money. If you’ve ever seen any of his shows, especially What We Do in the Shadows, you already know he sounds like he fell out of a time machine from 200 years ago. It’s a brilliant mixture of aristocrat and dumb asshole, which would be perfect for a villain who’s been committing petty crimes for two centuries.

–Sailor Monsoon

Which obscure DC characters or villains do you want to see appear in a third Suicide Squad film?

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