‘The Wolf and the Lion’ – The Incredible Journey of a Girl, a Wolf and a Really Big Cat

Studiocanal will be releasing Gilles de Maistre‘s wildlife family drama The Wolf and the Lion according to a report from Deadline.

The story will center on a girl named Alma (portrayed by Molly Kunz from 2018’s Windows).

Plot Synopsis:

A headstrong music student from New York who attends her grandfather’s funeral on a remote Canadian island and unexpectedly discovers a lost lion cub who had been destined for the Vancouver circus, before also rescuing an endangered, female wolf who is being pursued by researchers. At Alma’s cabin, the wolf gives birth to a single cub, Mozart, who immediately bonds with the rescued lion cub, Dreamer. The wolf mother is soon captured and Alma is left to tend to the babies. But their world soon collapses as Mozart and Dreamer are captured and separated, and must embark on a treacherous journey to be reunited as Alma also searches for them.

Like de Maistre’s last work Mia and the White Lion, filming for this movie will be executed in six separate blocks of time which will capture the animal stars as they grow up.

Attached to the project is animal trainer Andrew Simpson (Game Of Thrones, The Revenant).

What do you guys think of a new animal adventure on the big screen? I think it will be interesting to see de Maistre’s dedication to using the same animal stars and (honestly) if the good-feels is worth the payoff.

Let us know your thoughts below!