‘Tron 3’ Back in Development with Jared Leto and Garth Davis

Here we go again.

Disney is reportedly interested in reviving the Tron franchise for another instalment. Ten years after Tron: Legacy made some decent coin at the box office, reports say that Garth Davis (Lion) is set to direct Jared Leto in a new sequel possibly titled Tron: Ares.

Deadline had the scoop on the new Tron sequel news, but also had absolutely no information regarding plot or returning castmembers. Deadline does say that Davis “aggressively pursued the job and his take won over Disney execs in the end.” So it looks like Davis has a vision for Tron that Disney couldn’t help but throw money at. Though Deadline adds that “insiders still stress a greenlight has not been given and that it’s still in development but Davis’ involvement is a push in the right direction” so there’s still a chance that Jared Leto will once again not be starring in a new Tron film.

Speaking of Leto, the actor announced the sequel news on twitter with the following tweet:

I’ve been meaning to watch Tron and Legacy but haven’t gotten around to it yet. However, they both look like they will be enjoyable films, so I’m all for another sequel in the franchise. I’d take almost any Disney live-action film that wasn’t just a by the book remake of one of their animated classics though, so perhaps I’m the wrong person to make that statement.

We’ll try and keep you updated on future Tron news.

Are you a fan of Tron? Would you watch a sequel with Jared Leto attached to star? Tell us your pitch for the sequel in the comments below!

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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