‘Unplugging’ Sees Matt Walsh and Isla Fisher go Off the Grid

Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images for PPI)

Matt Walsh (Veep, plus nearly every other decent comedy series in the last ten years) and Isla Fisher (Arrested Development, Tag) are set to play Dan and Jeanine Dewerson, a couple in the midst of marriage troubles who set out to live in a remote rural town and hope that the absence of cellphone towers and internet will save their relationship.

Variety reports that Unplugging will be the directorial debut of Debra Neil-Fisher who has a long career as editor of several breakout hits such as The Hangover trilogy and the Austin Powers franchise as well as two of the Fifty Shades films.

“My favorite films are relatable character comedies and travel adventure,” said Neil-Fisher. “When I was sent this script, I thought, I’ve finally found a cinematic story that is both. I am beyond thrilled to work with amazing comedians like Matt and Isla who can help me create hilarious timeless characters that everyone can relate to.”


Neil-Fisher won 2010’s Best Edited Comedy Feature Film award for The Hangover.

No filming times have been reported as of yet.

Any fans of Fisher and Walsh in the Wasteland? An even more troublingly personal question but have YOU ever tried a digital detox?

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