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Sunday 5/2 at 9PM CST

Movie: Hawk the Slayer (1980)

“Sword-and-sorcery adventure about two warring brothers who fight to gain control of a magical sword. Hawk, a noble warrior, assembles a small force of fighters to help him rid the land of a powerful and devious enemy, who also happens to be his older brother – and their father’s murderer.”

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Frank Turner: Show 2000; Live at Nottingham Rock City 12.15.16 (2019) – A live concert film of his 2000th live show back in 2016 in it’s entirety. I’ve seen him live almost a dozen times and his energy never gets old. God damn does it make me miss live shows.  5/5

The Replacement Killers (1998) – The studio obviously didn’t trust Antoine Fuqua with this one back in the day. They meddled with it, took out chunks of backstory and cut it down to 90 minutes of boring. There are some cool(ish) sequences but it’s really just John Woo light. 2/5

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) – Just a damn fun and endearing flick all around. I can’t believe it took me this long to convince the wife to watch it. 4.5/5

Money Train (1995) – Damn this was booooooring. They really tried too hard to keep on the White Men Can’t Jump train with this duo. But failed. Apparently Tony Scott was gonna direct, backed out and the guy who came in fired the script writer (who still got credit) and had a lot rewritten. Don’t waste your time. 1/5

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