What’s a Movie for Which You Genuinely Suspect You Might Be Its #1 Fan?

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It’s the type of response that is heard countless times in movie conversations: “Oh, I’m the biggest fan of that movie!” But is that really a true statement? Can someone really know for sure if they are the #1 fan of The Godfather, Back to the Future, Star Wars, or The Dark Knight? No, not really.

However, that statement gains more potential if the film is almost universally hated. A think few people would say they enjoy The Hobbit prequel trilogy. The verdict is still out on probably half the films Nic Cage has made in the last five years. And do people actually exist who like Melissa McCarthy comedies?

I think you get what I’m laying down. So the question I ask today is: what movie would you bet money on that you are its #1 fan?

I had to think on this for a while, but I finally thought of one film: Spider-Man 3. Given that it’s Superhero Month here at SAW, I’ve heard a lot of people trash the third Tobey Maguire film for ruining the trilogy and giving Maguire’s Spidey a poor final outing.

I’m not in that boat.

Sure, the third film is easily the worst of the bunch, but I view it as superior to any Spider-Man film that has come after it save Into the Spider-Verse. Knowing that the film is the last Maguire Spidey film makes one look at it in a new light. Sure there are some cheesy or bad moments, but I also think the ending where Peter and MJ reach out and take each other’s hands is a fitting moment that teases that everything will be alright. Thomas Haden Church is excellent and his Sandman has to be one of the best comic-to-screen translations we’ve ever seen.

Spider-Man 3 can’t reach the critical heights of the first two Sam Raimi-directed films, but I still enjoy the hell out of it. That’s why I think I might honestly be its #1 fan.

So what about you, folks? What film can you go on the record for in saying that you are its #1 fan?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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