A ‘Lion King’ Catchup – More Real Than the Actual Savannah

If you’re hyped for the upcoming The Lion King remake from Disney and haven’t caught up on exactly what we’re in for, take a look at this recent ‘Come Home’ spot where we get to see the cast in full photorealistic CG goodness. Enjoy!

This is of course just something else to take on board after first seeing what Disney had cooked up a few months ago with the official film trailer:

Going for a realistic style is pretty ballsy even in 2019 but so far, so-freaking-good; I would go so far as to say that it definitely tops even what Favreau bought to the table in 2016’s The Jungle Book (and before you say three years is a long time for CGI to get better, remember that Jurassic Park still has some of the greatest computer generated stuff ever filmed).

So I can’t say exactly why the Swingers/Iron Man guy is Disney’s go-to for classic animal themed epics, but he’s definitely not failing and with the announcement that he’ll be directing Jungle Book 2 it looks like he won’t be going anywhere soon.

The Lion King‘s voice cast is unsurprisingly hip and talented, featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Seth Rogan, Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Keegan-Michael Key, Eric André, John Oliver and freaking James Earl Jones reprising his second-most-famous voice role as Mufasa.

Voices that will no doubt find good use not only in bringing these incredible creatures to life, but also finding place in the Elton John soundtrack crafted for the original film which has been reworked by the Rocket Man alongside Beyoncé and Tim Rice; it’s also believed that an original composition by John and co. will play during the closing credits. Hans Zimmer, arguably the hardest working soundtrack guy in Hollywood will be returning to compose additional music as he did in the original Lion King.

The Lion King hits theatres 19 July 2019.

So, Wasteoids, ready to see this epic on the big screen? It feels like Disney have no problems jamming out the live-action remakes in super quick succession; no doubt they’ll have tackled all the well known ones well before 2022.

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