Alt + Poster: ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Turkish Release

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Update: We originally attributed the artwork to Omer Muz and Orhan Akkaplan, but upon further research, it is clear that it is based on famed poster artist Tom Jung’s original poster artwork for the The Empire Strikes Back. And the reason it seems so similar to the poster artwork for Star Wars is because Tom Jung did the original poster art for that film as well. Oops. 

I love this poster for the Turkish release of The Empire Strikes Back. It feels more in line with some of the early posters for the original Star Wars. The way Vader is standing, his cape, the stormtroopers in the foreground, and the TIE Bombers streaking off into space. It’s just got those classic elements that make it feel almost like a kind of What if? scenario. What if Lucas had directed Empire instead of Irvin Kirshner?

From what little I could dig up about this poster, two artists are credited with its design: Omer Muz and Orhan Akkaplan.



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Author: Dhalbaby

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