Down the Tubes: Is Star Wars Science Fiction? Part 2

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Yesterday, we pondered the question Is Star Wars science fiction? Today, we go to the experts. No, not an academic. A nerd.

if you’ve never heard of Robert Meyer Burnett, you’re in for a treat. Burnett spent years in the film industry creating extras for DVDs, editing features, and making his own films. But lately he’s carved out a solid niche on YouTube discussing genre movies and TV (and just about anything else related). His channel is full of great content, and you should definitely go check him out.

But today we’re concerning ourselves with whether or not Star Wars is sci-fi, and Burnett has his own opinion. And the guy knows his subject.

Check out the video and leave us your thoughts below.

What are your thoughts? Did he change your mind one way or the other? Does he have it wrong? Sound off in the comments below! 

Author: Dhalbaby

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