Blue Beetle Series Rumored for HBO Max or is it?

CBR is reporting that a Blue Beetle series is possibly in development for the HBO Max streaming service. Before I go any further, the report is based upon a blog post by Daniel Richtman via his patreon account. I suppose you can take this with a grain of salt until other outlets confirm it and not just parrot it. I’m really suspect of news reports that are behind a pay wall so you can’t verify them.

Now that’s out of the way, lets get disappointed. The report says its the Jamie Reyes iteration and not Ted Kord, who is the one true Blue Beetle. Yeah, I’m a Ted Kord Blue Beetle fan. I also put mustard and pickle relish in my red beans and rice, but that doesn’t make me a weirdo! So who is the Blue Beetle? Why, the Blue Beetle character first appeared in 1939 in books published by Fox Comics, then Charlton Comics and currently DC. Three individuals have used the name Blue Beetle with varying powers; starting with Archaeologist Dan Garrett, Ted Kord and presently Jamie Reyes. Got all that? If you want to know why the Beetle is the greatest DC hero you probably never heard of, I suggest you read Justice League by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis. I mean where else can you see Batman punch a Green Lantern in the mouth?

Whereas I might be excited at the prospect of my favorite 2nd rate DC hero getting his own series, I’m puzzled that its reportedly being developed for HBO Max and not the DC Universe streaming service. Hopefully Warner Bros releases it on both services, since the DC service really needs an influx of new, original content.

The Blue Beetle series is rumored to be in development for HBO Max.

So, what are your thoughts? Perturbed that the show might be on HBO Max? Commiserate with me in the comments below!

Author: Ralph Hosch

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