Charlie Kaufman Returns with the First ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ Trailer

Netflix has just released the first official trailer for I’m Thinking of Ending Things. And in true Charlie Kaufman fashion, this looks like a strange one.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Iain Reid, this is Kaufman’s first film behind the camera since 2015’s animated “Anomalisa” and stars Jessie Buckley, Jesse Plemons, Toni Collette, and David Thewlis. And with a cast like that how can you pass it up? The film feels like a kindred (but maybe evil) spirit to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in parts. So I really can’t wait to give this one a whirl.

Kaufman also wrote the screenplay for this, so it is his first time adapting someone else’s material since 2002’s Adaptation and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I should really get around to watching Adaptation one day.

Plot Synopsis:

Six weeks into their relationship, a man takes his girlfriend to meet with his parents, unfortunately she already has plans to end that courtship. Once they arrive at Jake’s parents house, they find themselves going on a terrifying detour.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things hits theaters September 4, 2020.

What do you guys think? Interested in seeing this at all?

Author: K. Alvarez

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