Countdown to 2021: What to Expect from SAW in the New Year

I hate sand. It’s course, and ruff, and irritating. And it gets everywhere.

That’s a quote. I am pretty sure of it. I just wish I knew where it came from. Everything inside my head is fuzzy. But, wherever it came from, it sure is relatable. These parts are full of sand. It covers the remnants of the Streaming Wars.

Society collapsed under the rule of the Streamer. His reign left many without homes and identities. I’m an orphan of the wars. I don’t know my reality. Hell, I don’t even know my name.

All I know for certain is that the flame I have lit in front of me keeps me warm. But it also casts enough light into the night sky to alert anyone close of my surroundings. I’ll be ready for them. I always am. My fingers are practically fused around the switchblade in my right hand.

It has been this way for 577 days. Some at the Dhalhouse are calling the lands the Streamer rules over as the ScreenAge Wasteland. It sounds fitting, but not exactly uplifting.

An explosion in the distance breaks my train of thought. What was I talking about? The sky begins to fill with bursts of color. I know this. I’ve lived it before. My mind strains for the information. We used to call them…fireworks. Yes, fireworks! Why though? Because… because of… the new year. Time means nothing in the wasteland. There is only yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They are all the same though. Fight, survive, live. Tomorrow is not special.

A new year though… that could be special. That could be the start of a new chapter. Something to rally around. The start of a resolution! No, wait, revolution, it’s called a revolution. I will assemble a team and lead a revolution. Together, we can save film for future generations.

Next year is going to be one to watch. I guarantee it.

*The above micro fiction imagines what a ScreenAge Wasteland would really look like. Streaming Wars? The Streamer? Genre factions? Does any of it make sense! Thank you for humoring Karlston by reading this drivel.


ScreenAge Wasteland has grown tremendously this year. We broke monthly visitor and view records almost every month, and watched as our Disqus comments bolstered with the addition of former B.M.D. commenters. Whether you read, comment, or share our articles, you have all helped make this site thrive. We did this not for the money (because there is none), but because we love movies. We love discussing them. We love watching them. We even love arguing about them. However, despite our disagreements, we remain respectful of each other’s views. We have become a real community that loves to see familiar Disqus avatars pop into the comments to discuss their latest watches or chat about the article at hand.

So, if we’ve been having record-high views, we’re sure you are wondering what articles really hit it off with our audience. Well, while the SAW team will always shake our head at how well That Scene From ‘Deliverance’, there were a handful of other posts that had some serious legs throughout 2020. In no particular order, here are just a few of the best viewed posts that the screenagers really enjoyed this year:

We cannot wait to see which posts our audience really connects with in the new year.

Lastly, SAW is nothing without its devoted team who volunteer their time to write articles and participate in group collaborations. That is why SAW would like to give a hearty shout-out to Vincent Kane, Sailor Monsoon, K. Alvarez, DryButSoupy, Billy Dhalgren, Marmaduke Karlston, Romona Comet, Mitch Roush, Bob Cram, Jacob Holmes, Lee McCutcheon, Mark Naff, Cody Legens, Ralph Hosch, and Becky O’Brien. We could not do it without you guys, so thank-you.

New Year, Same MonsoonVision

Sunday 1/3 at 9PM CST (subject to change)

Movie: New Year’s Evil (1980)

“Lonely women wanting to celebrate New Year’s Eve become easy prey for a maniacal murdering misogynist whose New Year’s resolution is to kill women at every stroke of midnight.”

Post goes live at 7PM CST. At 9PM CST, hit play and start commenting!

How To Watch This Film: DVD/Blu-ray, Netflix, HBO GO, Tubi, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, or however you can muster it

A Taste of 2021

  • The Best of the Best. Get ready for the SAW team to individually reveal their personal five favorite films of 2020, beginning mid-January.
  • Powered by Vodquil? Sailor Monsoon and Vincent Kane are launching SAW’s first podcast in 2021.
  • Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s our first themed content month, coming in February.
  • And the winner is… Nominations for the 2nd Annual SAWards, honoring the best films of 2020, will be announced mid-February.

How are you ringing in the new year? Do you have any movie new year resolutions? Share them down in the comments below!

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Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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