Disney Developing New Live-Action ‘Inspector Gadget’ Movie

“Go gadget go!”

THR reports that Disney is developing a new Inspector Gadget movie. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich (Aladdin) are set to produce the movie with writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell (who are also working on Disney’s Home Alone reboot) handling the script.

The live-action film will be based on the 1983 animated series of the same name, that followed “a bumbling and incompetent cyborg cop named Inspector Gadget, who is sent on cases and missions by his boss, Chief Quimby. These schemes are often caused by his arch-nemesis, the evil Dr. Claw, head of the malevolent criminal agency M.A.D. With the unknown help of his brainy niece Penny, and her dog Brain, Gadget always comes out on top, usually resulting in Claw vowing revenge.”

You might recall that in 1999, Matthew Broderick starred in a live-action film adaptation. It managed to gross $134.4 million on a $90 million budget, and a direct-to-video sequel, with none of the original cast, followed in 2003.

The animated Inspector Gadget was the real deal back when I was a kid. We’d watch it every lunch hour. I think I watched the live-action film once as a kid, and I tried rewatching it as an adult last year, and struggled to last 30 minutes. THR didn’t mention if this new film will go theatrical or direct-to-streaming, but I’d guess it’ll end up on Disney+. I mean, if Home Alone can’t even make it to the theaters, there is no way Disney is going to let Inspector Gadget.

Are you excited about a new Inspector Gadget film? At least the CGI should be better this time around.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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