Down the Tubes: Relive Sandy Collora’s Take on Batman in “Dead End”

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Before Nolan was attached to Batman Begins, there was a small but passionate group of fans that were petitioning for Sandy Collora to get the job. Now, for most of you, the idea that thousands upon thousands of people would fight for an unknown director who had nothing but an 8 minute short to his name is a bit odd but for the rest of us who saw the short back in ’03, Collora was our best shot at bringing a dark and gritty Batman to the screens.

Dead End was the first film in eleven years to do the character Justice. There was no baddies running around in DayGo paint and there certainly wasn’t any bat nipples. It was a simple story involving Batman, Joker and a few surprise characters but the story wasn’t really the hook. What got fans excited was the look of Bats (he looks like he was pulled straight from an Alex Ross painting), the portrayal of Joker and the inclusion of those secret mystery characters I mentioned earlier. It may not have gotten him the job but he should rest easy knowing that his short is still better than 90% of everything pumped out of DC as of late.

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