Down the Tubes: Throwback to the Live-Action ‘Uncharted’ Short Starring Nathan Fillion

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As good as fan films can be, they almost never have the talent behind the camera to convince anyone that what they’re watching isn’t amateur. The lucky ones might have the 14th lead of a Star Wars film or an obscure fan favorite from some horror movie, but somehow Allan Ungar managed to get prime talent for his.

Nathan Fillion, Stephen Lang, and Ernie Reyes Jr (the kung Fu kid who was in a ton of shit back in the day) are not only all in this but are way better than the cast they have for the official film. No offense to Holland or Wahlberg but Fillion IS Drake and Lang, while not the most perfect casting, makes for a pretty damn good Sully. Since the official one keeps losing directors left and right, they might as well just hire Ungar. He’s already proven he can do it.

What did you think about the Uncharted fan film? Are you a fan of the games? And if so, are you looking forward to the movie?

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Author: Sailor Monsoon

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