Down the Tubes: Toy Story 2 | How Pixar Created the Perfect Sequel

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Originally envisioned as a direct-to-video sequel, Toy Story 2 began production in a building separated from Pixar, on a small scale, as most of the main Pixar staff were busy working on A Bug’s Life but when Disney saw promise in the project, they upgraded the film to a theatrical release.  But while Disney may have been pleased with its development, Lasseter was not. Unhappy with the film’s quality, Lasseter and the story team redeveloped the entire plot in one weekend.

Must See Film’s video ‘Toy Story 2 | How They Saved the Story’ examines how Pixar was able to completely overhaul the entire film in 9 months, a far cry from their typical 3-4 year schedule. Covering the film’s complete lifecycle, from inception to completion, the video is as informative as it is entertaining. Must see indeed.

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Author: Sailor Monsoon

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