‘Halo’ TV Series Looks to ‘Game of Thrones’ for Scale and Scope


After an aborted film project that was to involve Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp, the Halo video game property has languished in development hell with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television for years. In 2018, Showtime announced filming of the series would finally begin sometime this year, with Kyle Killen (Lone Star) and Steven Kane (The Last Ship) as show runners and Pablo Schrieber (Orange is the New Black) as Master Chief. (From Hollywood Reporter.)

Now we’re getting some idea of the intended scale of the series from 343 Industries transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill via the AIS Game Maker’s Notebook Podcast (via Slashfilm).

“We talk about Game of Thrones a lot in terms of scope and scale and complexity of relationships.”

With Showtime President David Nevins referring to Star Trek in terms of creating another “iconic science-fiction franchise,” it looks like Showtime is hoping for big things from the Halo show. As a long-time fan of the video game series, I’m looking forward to seeing Master Chief, the Covenant, Cortana, and more on the small screen as well.

What do you folks think? Have the producers set their sights too high or, given the reception of the last few seasons of GoT, too low? Are you even interested in a Halo TV show after nearly 20 years of plasma grenades and alien shoot-em-ups?

Author: Bob Cram

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