John Woo’s ‘Face/Off’ To Get Reboot Treatment From Paramount

In more unshocking but nauseating news, Deadline reports we are getting yet another reboot of a hit film from Paramount Pictures. John Woo’s 1997’s Face/Off had a ridiculous premise, however, through his direction and entertaining performances from John Travolta and Nicholas Cage we were able to get a hell of a fun movie out of it.

Travolta played FBI agent Sean Archer, who is obsessed with catching a homicidal sociopath named Castor Troy (Cage), who is responsible for killing the fed’s son. The agent undergoes facial transplant surgery and takes the mug of his nemesis so he can be sent to prison to find out a bomb’s whereabouts and stop an attack. The plan goes awry when the bad guy wakes up and takes the face of the FBI agent. Soon, the new-faced Castor visits the agent with the villainous face and takes glee in taunting him, telling him that the face surgeons have been killed, that the good guy is stuck with the face he hates most, and that the villain is going home to bed his wife and take over his home life.

The studio is set to reboot the film, with a whole new cast. Oren Uziel (22nd Jump Street, The Cloverfield Paradox) has been set to write the script, and Neal Moritz will produce and David Permut will be executive producer.

I’m not shocked anything gets rebooted now days. And can I just ask why this is called a reboot and not a remake? I always associated reboots with a series or franchise. Anywho, but I am curious to see what direction this will take. Are we getting the gender swap treatment (which might be the best idea because no males will touch Cage’s and Travolta’s performances in this film) or will will get some kind of social commentary instead of a straight up action flick?

What say you wasteoids? Excited for yet another unoriginal movie from Hollywood or do you think this is a film that could use a little face lift? I’ll see myself out.

Author: Vincent Kane

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