More Spidey News: Jon Watts In Final Talks to Direct ‘Spider-Man 3’; Tom Holland Responds to New Deal

Friday was a good day for Spider-Man fans. Sony and Disney announced that they had signed a new deal that would allow Spider-Man to stay in the MCU for the next few years. Now the pieces are slowly coming together for Spidey’s third solo outing.

Director Jon Watts is in final negotiations to direct Spider-Man 3, starring Tom Holland, who shared his own excitement about the deal on his Instagram.

In addition to a third MCU-set Spider-Man film, the deal also allows Marvel Studios to insert the web-slinger into another MCU film. After it was originally announced Marvel and Sony were parting ways back in August, reports emerged that suggested that Marvel Studios was going to use Holland’s Spider-Man to help make Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel more likeable in the MCU, as Disney was worried about the future of Captain Marvel as the new lead. While this was just a rumor, it holds some truth. The brief exchange between Spidey and Danvers in Avengers: Endgame showcased a less serious, and more light-hearted Captain Marvel.

However, THR states that this extra appearance might be used to write Spider-Man out of the MCU. Sources indicate that Kevin Feige “seems to be plotting an endgame that will wrap up Peter Parker’s story in the MCU.” This would allow Sony to use the character however they see fit without leaving anything unresolved in the MCU.

But if there’s one actor who is hoping Spider-Man sticks around in the MCU for a while, it’s Jacob Batalon, who plays Peter’s best friend Ned. While speaking with Screen Rant Batalon mentioned that he hopes to see his character turn into Hobgoblin like in the comics:

“That just further validates my theory of Ned becoming Hobgoblin, but hey… But it’d be so great [if] they’re not going to want me to die. [I hope] they’re going to want me to stay on and be part of the Sinister Six. That’s just my theory.”

Personally, I hope Sony and Marvel can work out another long-term Spider-Man deal that will see a new trilogy focused on Peter’s college years as Spider-Man. That will give us a chance to see Ned become Hobgoblin, the Sinister Six to finally make it to the big screen, and for Spider-Man to help lead the Young Avengers (should the MCU decide to make that happen). And if Sony won’t play ball, here’s hoping Apple does buy them, so the rights to the Spider-Man catalogue automatically revert back to Marvel.

But until then, I’ll gladly accept Spider-Man 3 and not having to worry about never seeing the Far From Home cliffhanger resolved.

What are your hopes and wishes for the future of Spider-Man in film?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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