Power Rankings: Solo Superhero Movies We Want

The SAW Power Rankings is our weekly ranking of a certain movie-related topic. Please feel free to comment on our rankings and provide a list of your own in the comments below.

As we continue superhero month here at SAW, we wanted to talk about some superhero characters that we feel deserve their own solo movie. With the superhero craze not ending anytime soon, what superhero character would you like to get their own movie that hasn’t yet?

Vincent Kane:

  1. Lobo (DC)
  2. Red Hood (DC)
  3. Cable (Marvel)
  4. X-23 (Marvel)
  5. Jessica Jones (Marvel)

Billy Dhalgren:

  1. Rai (Valiant)
  2. Cable (Marvel)
  3. Ronin (Frank Miller) (DC)
  4. Reuben Flagg (First)
  5. Green Arrow (DC)

King Alvarez:

  1. Nightwing (DC)
  2. Silver Surfer (Marvel)
  3. Nova (Marvel)
  4. Namor The Sub-Mariner (Marvel)
  5. Martian Manhunter (DC)

Marmaduke Karlston:

  1. Hawkeye (Marvel)
  2. Nightwing (DC)
  3. Green Arrow (DC)
  4. The Flash (DC)
  5. Batgirl (DC)

Sailor Monsoon:

  1. Lobo (DC)
  2. Nova (Marvel)
  3. Martian Manhunter (DC)
  4. The Question (Marvel)
  5. Hit-Girl (Marvel)

Romona Comet:

  1. Nebula (Marvel)
  2. Valkyrie (Marvel)
  3. She-Hulk (Marvel)
  4. Raven (DC)
  5. Black Canary (DC)

Bob Cram Jr.:

  1. Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Marvel)
  2. Resurrection Man (DC)
  3. Concrete (Dark Horse)
  4. Mage (Comico)
  5. Martian Manhunter (DC)

Mitch Roush:

  1. Valkyrie (Marvel)
  2. Skeletor (Mattel)
  3. Dr. Doom (Marvel)
  4. America Chavez (Marvel)
  5. Powdered Toast Man

Jacob Holmes:

  1. Nova (Marvel)
  2. Chameleon (Marvel
  3. Namor (Marvel)
  4. Cyclops (Marvel)
  5. Cyborg (DC)

Becky O’Brien:

  1. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) (Marvel)
  2. Batwoman (DC)
  3. Black Canary (DC)
  4. Zatanna (DC)
  5. She-Hulk (Marvel)

Author: Vincent Kane

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