Tarik Saleh Black Ops Flick ‘Violence of Action’ Recruits Chris Pine

Variety reports that Chris Pine has been attached to the indie military thriller Violence of Action.

Directed by Swedish-born Tarik Saleh (The Nile Hilton Incident), Violence of Action will depict the story of a man dishonourably discharged from the US Marine Corps, who joins a private military contractor firm to support his family and is assigned a deadly mission in Poland.

Things escalate when the as-yet-unnamed lead character is betrayed and left to survive alone in Eastern Europe.

Pine has finished shooting Wonder Woman 1984 but has also been announced to star in James Marsh’s All The Old Knives, a spy thriller, which I think is a dangerous thing for Pine to do; the man can portray a lot more than he seems and being typecast as a military/CIA guy may not be playing to all of his strengths.

That said, he’s certainly won me over (particularly after 2016’s Hell or High Water alongside Ben Foster, or even his take on a lunatic Hollyweird celebrity in 2014’s Stretch) so I’d be open to a new military themed actioner.

Principal shooting for Violence of Action is set to begin this Fall.

What say you, Wasteoids? Should Pine be leaning towards more dramatic roles or do you prefer him as a stoic action star?

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