‘The Batman 2’ Gets Green Light at Warner Bros.

Batman will be back!

Warner Bros. announced during its CinemaCon presentation that a sequel to 2022’s The Batman is officially in development. Warner Bros. head honcho Toby Emmerich made the announcement:

“Matt [Reeves], [Robert] Pattinson, and the whole team will be taking audiences back to Gotham with The Batman 2.”

I can’t say anyone is surprised by this news. The Batman has made over $750 million at the worldwide box office. A sequel was inevitable.

There’s nothing else to add about this news. Will Joker be the villain? Does The Batman set up Harvey Dent? I don’t know and neither do you! So let’s discuss sequel ideas and theories down in the comments!

Did you like The Batman? Ready for more Battinson?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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