Weekend Fallout: ‘Gunpowder Milkshake’

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We’re ranking the Christopher Nolan Films … what is your favorite?

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Movie: Best of the Best (1989)

“A misfit team of American kickboxers must undergo rigorous training for an all-important contest against a ruthless Korean team. Along the way, the hardened fighters learn to lay their personal ghosts to rest.”

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Black Widow (2021) – A solid entry in the MCU. Not a top tier entry but a solid one nonetheless. I like that it gives us a little more backstory to Natasha and sets a little bit up for the future. 3.75/5

The Hunt (2020) – Threw this on as background noise while I work. Right off the bat it’s silly and ridiculous. Oddly enough my wife chose this to watch the same night, so I actually watched it twice in one day, but was able to pay more attention to it the second time. 3.5/5

Replicas (2018) – Again another background noise movie and this one just wasn’t very good at all. Stiff acting all around and just plain dumb. 1/5

No Sudden Move (2021) – A slow burn from the usually snappy Soderbergh. I enjoyed the film overall, even if I was a bit confused at points. It’s got a helluva cast and all comes together in the end. 3.75/5


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