Who Would You FanCast as Batgirl?

Nothing gets a conversation and/or debate going faster than an alternate casting. Everyone has their own opinion about what actor should play which role and more importantly, nobody can ever agree with anyone else’s picks. If it’s even slightly different than what you pictured in your head, you will immediately disregard it and ridicule the person who suggested it. The aim of the FanCast is to inspire conversation, create debate and provide ammo for the bloodthirsty nerds who can’t ever be wrong. 

I have no clue what is going on over at DC Films right now. After rushing to launch their own cinematic universe, multiple box office stumbles and backlash have resulted in a return to standalone features in addition to continuing with successful entries in their shared universe. One character that is constantly mentioned as having a film in development is Batgirl. Director Joss Whedon was originally developing a film, but that was eventually cancelled. Multiple actresses from Karen Gillian to Kaitlyn Dever have thrown their name into the ring to play the titular character. With director Matt Reeves launching a new standalone Batman film series that is separate from the DCEU, there is the potential for two very different versions of Batgirl to make its way to the big screen.

Here are my picks for who should play Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in both The Batman universe and the DC Extended Universe.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers | The Batman Universe

What you might have seen her in: The Originals, Legends of Tomorrow

Why she’d be perfect for the role: I feel like Richardson-Sellers is one role away from hitting the big leagues. She was a welcome addition to Legends of Tomorrow as Vixen (and later Charlie), and has proven she is more than capable of handling an iconic comic book character. I would love to see her alongside Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon in a solo Batgirl film. I think she has the range to pull off all necessary traits of the character.

Margaret Qualley | DC Extended Universe

What you might have seen her in: The Leftovers, Death Note, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Why she’d be perfect for the role: I’ve said more than once that I believe Qualley to be the next Margot Robbie. She has the undeniable charm and looks to get her places. However, OUATIH showed that she can also be stone cold serious. All of these traits can be found in Barbara Gordon. It’s only a matter of time before Qualley joins a comic book property, so Warner Bros. and DC Films should be smart and get her to fill the void left by Batfleck. Plus, I’d like to see her opposite J.K. Simmons’ Gordon.

Who would you FanCast? Sound off in the comments below!

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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