‘Ant-Man 3’ and ‘Obi-Wan’ Secure New Screenwriters

Two Disney subsidiaries, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, have just signed on new screenwriters for a couple of their upcoming projects.

Marvel has hired Jeff Loveness, who currently serves as a writer and co-producer on Rick and Morty, to writer Ant-Man 3.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog, Loveness was hired “in the early days of Hollywood’s shutdown,” so writing has already begun on the sequel. There was a rumored storyline released a couple weeks back that would take Scott and Hope on a global heist adventure. However, that idea may be retooled to focus instead on Scott mentoring his daughter into the superhero Stature.

Over at Lucasfilm, Joby Harold (Awake, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) has been hired as the writer of the untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi series. He replaces Hossein Amini who wrote the original scripts for the Disney+ series.

Variety reports that Harold is taking over as the show’s writer after production shut down earlier this year by Lucasfilm. Apparently, they weren’t pleased with how similar the film was to The Mandalorian. You know, the only Star Wars project fans have liked in the last decade.

The original version was to follow Obi-Wan looking after a young Luke Skywalker. There might have even been a part for an older, bearded Jar Jar Binks. I’m all for a #JarJarRedemption, so I’m hoping the character is included. Seriously, I went into the prequels thinking Jar Jar was going to be in the majority of the scenes and be extremely annoying. He’s barely in the movies! Star Wars fans will just bitch and complain about any small grievance they don’t approve. Okay, that’s enough ranting for now.

Are you surprised Ant-Man is getting a trilogy? Do you think the Obi-Wan series will ever get made? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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