‘Ironheart’ Series Rumored to be in Development at Disney+

Spider-Man: Far From Home proved to Peter Parker that he shouldn’t have to worry about becoming then next Iron Man, and instead focus on being the best Spider-Man. However, someone needs to step up and take over the legacy of Iron Man, and Marvel might have found the right candidate.

In a new report from Cinema Spot, insider Thomas Polito states that a Disney+ series starring Ironheart is in “active development with a target shooting date sometime next year.” Polito also shared that Marvel Studios “was taking pitches but that a writer had yet to be formally attached as showrunner.”

Avengers: Endgame ended with Tony Stark sacrificing himself to save the universe. His death loomed over Spider-Man: Far From Home, and his impact to the MCU will no doubt be felt throughout Phase 4. Fans have theorized who might step up and take over the Iron Man mantle in the future. Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes is a common choice, but is he ready to go from War Machine to Iron Man II? Others want to see Harley Keener, the boy from Iron Man 3, become Iron Lad. However, the comics introduced 15-year old genius Riri Williams a few years back as Ironheart and she is the perfect person to continue the legacy of Iron Man.

Here’s my pitch: have the Disney+ series feature both Harley Keener and Riri Williams attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They’re dating, and Harley receives a package from Tony after his death. Yada, yada, yada Harley attempts to build his own Iron Man armor, but has difficulties. Riri manages to make it work and takes to the streets. Harley ends up suiting up as the second War Machine (or the Iron Patriot II) in the second season. However, what exactly was in the package that Riri ends up syncing with her and Harley’s suits? A Tony Stark A.I. interface. You pay Robert Downey Jr. a boatload of cash to come in and record hours of dialogue and you’re all set. You could even have Rhodey make a few appearances mentoring or reprimanding the two.

Robert Downey Jr. campaigned last year for Ironheart joining the MCU, and it looks like he might get his wish. I’m all for an Ironheart series over a film for the sole reason that it looks like the Disney+ series are building towards a Young Avengers crossover. Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Ironheart, mixed in with Ant-Man’s daughter as Stature and a few other new recruits and that’s quite the lineup. Ant-Man and Hawkeye can mentor and star alongside them in the crossover. Heck, throw in She-Hulk too just for kicks. I’d watch that in a heartbeat.

Would you watch an Ironheart series? Do you think Riri Williams is the right person to take over the legacy of Iron Man? Tell us why in the comments!

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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