‘Kingsman 3’ will ‘Finish the Eggsy/Harry Relationship’ Vaughn Reveals

Kingsman franchise director Matthew Vaughn has spoken a little bit about where the third film will go thematically, according to Digital Spy.

Vaughn also has a Kingsman prequel in the works (titled Kingsman: The Great Game, with Liam Neeson, Stanley Tucci, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Harris Dickinson attached to star) but spoke to how franchise star Taron Egerton was feeling with regards to the prospects of a sequel.

“this Kingsman (prequel) has been pushed back to February 14th for coming out, and so, yeah, as soon as that’s done, we’re looking forward to… It’s funny. As Taron was saying, he’s looking forward to becoming Eggsy again, because emotionally it’s a lot less draining.”

He’s of course referring to Egerton’s starring role in the recent Elton John biopic Rocketman which Vaughn also co-produced.

But closing the Kingsman trilogy and making that about young spy Eggsy’s relationship with his mentor Harry (Colin Firth, who I honestly don’t think ever got quite this level of recognition before an insane genius hired him for this role. I know, I know…The King’s Speech, but that never had him machine-gunning terrorists with an umbrella) is the emotional groundwork and heart of the third movie.

“We’ve got to finish off the Eggsy and Harry relationship,” he said. “The final chapter of their relationship needs to be told, which we’ve got ready to do, and I’m hoping to shoot that later this year or the beginning of next year.”

This is the second of comic-guru Mark Millar‘s works that Vaughn has directed after the Kick-Ass films and he’s also got a Neil Gaiman fantasy caper as well as one of the best X-Men movies under his belt as well, which makes the inexplicably bad Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle feel like such a betrayal.

Will he remember that there was a (admittedly minor) grounded element that made Kingsman: The Secret Service a surprise hit? That going full bore spy fantasy was not what made the film memorable? Sharp dialogue, genius casting, inventive action sequences, fun characters, great performances…but I digress.

We shall see what Vaughn has in store for the future, so stay tuned!

What do you think, Wasteoids? What would YOU like to see in the third part of the Kingsman trilogy?

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