Movies to Stream | July 2023

The year is somehow more than halfway over. But you know what they say – time flies when you’re watching really awesome movies. We’re here to ensure that time keeps flying for you (it’s a good thing in this context). After scouring the web’s top streaming services, we’ve curated what many are calling the best list of movies to stream this July. I’m sure you’ll find the below flicks to be an immensely enjoyable way to pass your time.

Netflix: Dope (2015)

Great high school movies come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re about a group of nerds who are forced into situations where they have to sell drugs or feel the wrath of ASAP Rocky. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Dope is the flick for you. This criminally underrated comedy is sure to win you over. This is especially a must watch for fans of movies with great soundtracks. The 90s hip-hop needle drops are some of the best of any movie that I can think of. It’s simultaneously quirky and cool, which remains one of the best cinematic balancing acts that I’ve ever seen.

FOR FANS OF: Pineapple Express; Dazed and ConfusedSpring Breakers

Prime Video: Creed III (2023)

If you didn’t catch Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut in theaters, now is your chance to catch it at home. He certainly has a fun, yet safe approach to filmmaking. Creed III is far from the best film in the Rocky/Creed universe. However, it’s certainly nowhere near being the worst. The story is easy, but also entertaining and effective. Jordan and Majors play so well off each other it’s a shame they haven’t been making Creed movies together for years. Stallone’s presence is definitely missed but there’s still enough here for his absence to not be distracting. A solid (and hopefully final) addition in one of the most beloved film franchises of all time.

FOR FANS OF: Rocky; Million Dollar Baby; The Fighter

Max: Dunkirk (2017)

Christopher Nolan has a cool new little movie coming out later this month that you may have heard of. It’s called Oppenheimer and apparently it’s about some guy who ended up being a pretty big deal in the history of WWII. What better way to prepare for Nolan’s upcoming WWII flick than by watching his other movie about WWII? People will disagree with me but I think Dunkirk is one of Nolan’s best film (if not his best outright). The lack of developed character or emotional stakes lend themselves to his style of filmmaking. Dunkirk is just about Nolan playing with time and showcasing his ability to stage a great set piece. It’s everything I love about him plus it also has Harry Styles which is cool.

FOR FANS OF: Saving Private RyanThe Dark Knight; 1917

Hulu: The Worst Person in the World (2021)

The coming of age tale for twenty-something year olds feels like a fairly recent phenomena in film and is probably a byproduct of a society that tends to mature at a later stage in life than previous generations. Weird sociological observations aside, some of these movies have proved to be quite enjoyable. One of my favorites is a recent Norwegian movie about a young woman trying to figure it all out. The Worst Person in the World takes some great narrative liberties that work to great effect. At times it feels like a classic rom com. Other times it reads at a heartbreaking drama. It even has moments that feel pulled directly from a Broad City episode. This movie will surprise you in all of the right ways and leave you grateful for having experienced it.

FOR FANS OF: Frances Ha; The Big SickEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Disney Plus: Ratatouille (2007)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge Pixar fan and a bit of a foodie. So knowing that, you might be surprised to hear that I hadn’t seen Ratatouille until very recently. A recent trip to Paris inspired a dive into French cinema. But instead of revisiting the works of Godard and other New Wave auteurs, or checking out more recent masterworks like La Haine and Amelie, or hopping in the timing machine to discover the magic of George Méliès, I decided to watch the animated flick about a rat that cooks. It wasn’t an awful decision! Ratatouille is definitely one of Pixar’s best films. It’s full of heart and charm, which is really all that we can ask for.

FOR FANS OF: The IncrediblesChefFinding Nemo

That’s it for now. We’ll see you all again in August. Stream wisely and don’t forget to turn your captions on!

Make sure you check out all of these awesome options and let us know what you think. Also be sure to let us know the best hidden gems you’ve streamed recently. Share in the comments and help us expand the list!

Author: Raf Stitt

Brooklyn based. Full time movie fan, part time podcaster, occasional writer. Follow on Twitter: @rafstitt