Netflix Announces ‘YOU’ Season 2 Premiere Date

Netflix has announced the premiere date for the second season of You.

The drama-thriller, starring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, will return Thursday, December 26, 2019. Season 2 will be loosely based on the novel Hidden Bodies.

I say loosely, because the end of the first season diverged heavily from the novel it was based on. And based on the character description for Joe’s new love interest Love Quinn, it looks like season 2 is making some changes, too. In Hidden Bodies, Love was an aspiring actress. The TV show has changed that to aspiring chef, which could be connected to her parents chain of supermarkets.

The series will also switch locations from New York to Los Angeles (like the change of setting in the novels). On the new location, executive producer Sera Gamble said:

“Los Angeles is a completely different vibe. We started the writers’ room for Season 2 by being like, ‘Joe moves to L.A. and he completely hates it. Let’s talk about how much fun that is.’”

Victoria Pedretti, Charlie Barnett, Robin Lord Taylor, Chris D’Elia, James Scully, and Jenna Ortega are all set to star this season. John Stamos and Elizabeth Lail will reprise their roles from the first season.

I am a huge fan of You. The character of Joe was perfectly written to the point where some of the stuff he was saying made a lot of sense. I read You and Hidden Bodies after I binged the first season, and they are even better than the series! Fingers crossed that season 2 doesn’t butcher Hidden Bodies.

Are you a fan of You? Will you be watching season 2?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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