‘Sneaky Pete’ Season 3 Trailer: Tangled Webs Everywhere

Amazon Prime’s Sneaky Pete managed to finally get a steady showcase for star Giovanni Ribisi’s talents, creating a crime thriller about a professional con artist who, while being on the run from his former associates, talks his way into the lives of a family who believe him to be an estranged son.

Things get complicated pretty quickly as various lies spin out of control and the ever present threat of discovery keeps “Pete” (or Marius as he’s sometimes known) on his toes, ever on the lookout for the next con which will finally put him out of trouble.

I’ve been a fan of Ribisi from one of his first roles, an old X-Files episode where he sold “tortured, anguished teenager” like not many others could.

Sneaky Pete was co-created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore, with Cranston filling some familiar shoes as Vincent, a ruthless mob boss during the initial couple of seasons.

Season 3 will be released on May 10, 2019.