Watch the First ‘Jurassic World’ Short Film ‘Battle at Big Rock’

Last night, Battle at Big Rock premiered on FX. It is the first live-action short film set in the Jurassic Park universe, with the events taking place after Fallen Kingdom.

Director Colin Trevorrow talked to Collider about how the short film came to fruition:

“Universal asked if I’d be interested in making a short film and I didn’t give them any time to reconsider. I wrote it with Emily Carmichael, who is co-writing Jurassic World 3. It felt like a first step into a larger world after the last film. You have these animals loose in an unfamiliar environment, they’re disoriented, struggling to adapt. The first people they run into are bound to be camping. I wanted to see that.”

Check out the short film below!

I really dug this. It felt like a horror film at times (which is exactly what it would feel like). The acting was solid all-around. André Holland (Moonlight), Natalie Martinez (End of Watch), Melody Hurd, and Pierson Salvador played a blended family very well. I absolutely love that the little 8-year old shot the Allosaurus with a crossbow.

The credits teased various other incidents involving dinosaurs in the real world. If this is a plot thread Jurassic World 3 is going to pick up on, I am down! More of this tense, watch where you go atmosphere, please.

Plot Synopsis:

The short takes place one year after the events of the last Jurassic World film in Big Rock National Park, where dinosaurs are now living in our world. The story follows a family of four whose encounter with these wild animals becomes a terrifying fight for survival.

What did you guys think of the short film? Would you like to see more shorts set post-Fallen Kingdom?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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