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The Thin Man (1934) – The two main characters have such god damn great chemistry together and it really carries the film. Turns out this was their sixth film together and they went on to do five more together (all Thin Man films). I’m bummed that this face scrunching interaction hasn’t carried over to the second and third films so far, it’s just so damn cute. 5/5

After The Thin Man (1936) – The first film ends with the two of them on a train heading back to San Francisco, this film picks up with them on the train for their arrival. Clearly the first film did well and they got a bigger budget. This one is a solid 2 hours, most of which is extra dog scenes because Asta was a hit in the first one. It’s equally as fun, but didn’t need the extra half hour. But we do get a young Jimmy Stewart in there. 4/5

Another Thin Man (1939) – Well the detective duo is headed back to the east coast in this one. Guess it’s nice being rich. This time around, a former business partner of Nora’s father asks them to Long Island because he thinks someone is going to kill him. Guess what … he dies. Then the mystery unfolds. It’s funny that this one has Nick the bartender from It’s A Wonderful Life and Shemp Howard of The Three Stooges in it. 3.75/5

Shadow of The Thin Man (1941) – The fourth film in the series bring us back to SF for multiple deaths. And this time Donna Reed is in it. 3/4 of the films now have a tie to It’s A Wonderful Life and it’s kinda cracking me up as these unfold. Also, her romantic interest is the guy who hired Jack Torrance in The Shining. Anyway, I’m really enjoying all of these. 4/5

The Thin Man Goes Home (1944) – The fifth film has the dynamic duo going back to Nick’s Childhood home. All the drinking has been curtailed due to wartime rationing or some shit I read. What is supposed to be a vacation obviously turns into a murder. Strangely enough my wife noticed some dude in it that was in It’s A Wonderful Life. Both roles in each film turned out to be uncredited. Sure its the 30s and 40s and the same actors get used ALL the time. I just like making the connections. 3.75/5

Song of The Thin Man (1947) – The final film in the series may be my least favorite of them all. The humor is minimal, the story is a bit boring in comparison and the final reveal of the murderer is lackluster in comparison to the the others. But guess what? Violet from It’s A Wonderful Life is in it. That’s 5/6 films … ha! Also, this time around their son is played by a YOUNG Dean Stockwell. It’s crazy! 3/5


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