Barry Keoghan Cast in ‘The Batman’; Prequel Series Will Be Set During Year One

Here’s a couple new bits of information regarding Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Barry Keoghan has been quietly added to the cast as GCPD Officer Stanley Merkel. In the comics, Merkel was Jim Gordon’s original GCPD partner when he first started out his career in Gotham City. It’s possible that we will see that partnership translated to the big screen next year.

Additionally, Reeves confirmed that the prequel series currently in development for HBO Max will be set during Batman’s first year as a crimefighter.

As part of DC FanDome, Reeves answered questions about the upcoming film and the Gotham PD show. This is where it was revealed that the show will be set just before The Batman‘s events.

Of course, no cast has yet been announced for the Gotham PD show, but both Keoghan and Gordon’s Jeffrey Wright are no strangers to television. It would be awesome to see these two headline the series as they try to unravel the first mysterious sighting of the Batman. The show is also stated to deal with the corrupt state of Gotham.

The Batman hits theaters October 21, 2020. No release date has been announced for the Gotham PD series yet.

Thoughts on Keoghan joining the cast? Do you like that the prequel series will be set so close to the events of the movie?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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