‘Batman: Hush’ Trailer

“Is Batman your new boy toy?”

IGN released the first trailer for Batman: Hush, the next installment in the DC Animated Movie Universe.

So Hush looks to be on the same level of quality as recent DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Similar to The Death of Superman, the popular Batman storyline is being adapted to fit into the animated movie universe that began with Justice League: War. Jason O’Mara returns to voice the caped crusader and he is joined by other returning voice cast members like Sean Maher and Jerry O’Connell as Nightwing and Superman.

Whether the film is hot or not, I’ll be seeing it when it hits home video this summer.

Plot Synopsis:

An adaptation of the seminal DC classic tale, Batman: Hush centers on a shadowy new villain known only as Hush, who uses Gotham’s Rogues Gallery to destroy Batman’s crime-fighting career, as well as Bruce Wayne’s personal life – which has already been complicated by a relationship with Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.

Batman: Hush hits physical media and digital later this summer.

What do you think of this adaptation? Are you a fan of the source material?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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