Channing Tatum to Produce and Star in ‘Ghost’ Remake

Channing Tatum has revealed that he has acquired the rights to the classic 1990 romance film Ghost from Paramount.

In an interview with Variety, the actor disclosed that his production company Free Association has “the rights to Ghost” and that he will play Patrick Swayze’s role in the upcoming remake. However, Tatum explained that the new Ghost will change some things from the original:

“But we’re going to do something different. I think it needs to change a little bit and have our…”

What a tease.

The original Ghost opened in theaters in July 1990, garnering both critical acclaim and commercial success. The film tells the story of banker Sam Wheat (Swayze), who after being murdered, continues looking out for his artist girlfriend Molly (Demi Moore) from beyond the grave. The film also stars Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Goldwyn.

No other details have been revealed about the Ghost remake at this time. We’ll keep you posted.

What are your thoughts on Tatum remaking Ghost? Are you in or out?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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