Could ‘Dune’ Be the Next ‘Lord of the Rings’ for Warner Bros?

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The SAW offices were humming last week after the release of the second official Dune trailer. Dhalgren was confident enough in what he saw to remark that Dune was probably going to “be the best big budget sci-fi movie in probably a decade.” He followed that up by saying that it “looks like it could be the best sci-fi fantasy thing since Lord of the Rings.”

Big words from an old man. But is he right? He did admit that Dune‘s success depended on if it connected with audiences. But sometimes that is not enough.

For what it’s worth, Sailor straight up said, “It ain’t getting sequels, that’s for sure.”

So now I turn the conversation over to you and ask: could Dune be the next Lord of the Rings for Warner Bros?

Personally, I think it could critically be the best science-fiction/fantasy film since Lord of the Rings. From what I’ve seen there is no way critics are going to hate this film. The audience is a whole other ballpark.

But you know, I think audiences are starting to crave something new. I think they are growing tired of Star Wars and superheroes. I think a film that blends practical sets with special effects while having a talented cast and crew could really win over a lot of people.

So I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope that Dunewhich doesn’t have as strong a foothold on the public conscious as Lord of the Rings did in 2001—exceeds everyone’s expectations.

So what about you, folks? Do you think Dune has what it takes to be the next big science-fiction/fantasy franchise?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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