‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ Trailer: Just When You Thought You Were Safe

Sony has released an official trailer for Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. We’re sorry in advance for making you watch this on our behalf.

To be honest, I haven’t actually seen the first film, but I did try and watch it one night. I couldn’t get past the first six minutes. I do want to watch it because I love actual escape rooms, but I don’t think Sony and the team behind these films have done a good job turning the idea into a successful suspense-filled franchise.

But again, what do I know, I haven’t watched the films. Maybe they are a lot better than I am giving them credit for.

Plot Synopsis:

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is the sequel to the box office hit psychological thriller that terrified audiences around the world.  In this installment, six people unwittingly find themselves locked in another series of escape rooms, slowly uncovering what they have in common to survive…and discovering they’ve all played the game.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions hits theaters July 16, 2021.

What do you guys think? Interested in seeing this at all?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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