Lucasfilm Wants Taika Waititi to Develop a ‘Star Wars’ Movie

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Lucasfilm wants Taika Waititi to stay in a galaxy far, far away for a little while longer.

Waititi, who is coming off the success of Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Ragnarok, has been approached to develop a Star Wars movie. It is unclear what stage those talks are in, and if they have anything to do with the movie Kevin Feige is developing for Lucasfilm.

Waititi recently directed the season one finale of The Mandalorian, which earned him a great deal of critical and fan acclaim. He also voiced the popular droid character, IG-11. He’s already got a strong foothold in the Star Wars universe, so it makes sense that Lucasfilm would want to keep him around.

Waititi and Feige’s Star Wars movies are the only confirmed films to be in active discussion/development. A trilogy from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss was cancelled back in October. Rian Johnson, who directed The Last Jedi, was developing his own trilogy, but seems more focused on a Knives Out sequel currently.

However, while Star Wars on the big screen is coming to a close for the time being it is ramping up on Disney+. In addition to The Mandalorian, series centered around Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cassian Andor are in the works, and one about Doctor Aphra is rumored.

THR notes that if Waititi does develop a Star Wars film, it is unlikely to enter production until Thor: Love and Thunder finishes filming (which it is set to start this summer). He also has Akira over at Warner Bros. on the back burner, which could be delayed again if he chooses Star Wars.

Waititi is a busy man, I’m hoping he still finds time to develop original projects in addition to the blockbusters he’s being handed.

Would you want to see Waititi direct a Star Wars movie?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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