‘Scream 6’ Greenlit; Production to Begin This Summer

Woosboro hasn’t seen the last of Ghostface.

Paramount and Spyglass have officially greenlit a sixth instalment in the popular meta-slasher franchise, Scream. The creative team behind 2022’s Scream will all be returning for the sequel, per THR.

That’s right, Radio Silence’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are back in the director’s chairs after taking over the franchise from the late (and great) Wes Craven.

In a statement, Radio Silence said:

“Working with such a wonderful and talented family of creators — and in the lineage Wes [Craven] and Kevin [Williamson] so expertly built — has been the thrill of a lifetime, and we’re so excited to bring the next chapter in the Scream saga to life.”

Also back are James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick writing the screenplay. Of course, the final piece to the Scream puzzle is Kevin Williamson, who created the franchise 25 years ago. He will return as an executive produce for Scream 6.

On their return, screenwriters Vanderbilt and Busick said:

“Is this real life? Getting to collaborate once again with our friends on the next installment of the Scream story is more than we could have hoped for. We are overwhelmed that we get to continue to play in the sandbox that Kevin and Wes created. It is, as Ghostface would say, an honor.”

Lastly, in a joint statement, Spyglass and Paramount expressed their excitement about the success of Scream and the franchise’s future:

“We are tremendously grateful to the fans around the world who enthusiastically received our film. We can’t wait for audiences to see what Radio Silence, writers Jamie & Guy and Project X have in store for our Woodsboro family.”

Production is slated to begin this summer. The latest Scream has earned $62.6 million domestically and $106.7 million worldwide. That is a pretty good haul even without the ongoing pandemic keeping some audiences away from theaters.

No casting for the sixth film has been announced, but there are definitely some returning characters from the franchise’s past I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

No word yet on what Scream 6 might be called or when it will release, but we’ll keep you posted. If production does start this summer, we might have Ghostface back on our screens as earlier as mid-2023.

Did you like 2022’s Scream? Are you excited for another film in the franchise? What should the sixth film be titled? Tell us down in the comments!

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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