Serial Killer Thriller ‘Little Things’ Approach Rami Malek & Denzel Washington

Rami Malek (Oscar winner for Best Actor in Bohemian Rhapsody) and Denzel Washington (Fences, The Equalizer) are currently in talks to star in John Lee Hancock‘s thriller titled Little Things from Warner Bros.

Malek may take the role of a young detective who teams up with a world-weary sheriff (to be played by Washington) who’s nose for the “little things” are helpful in putting clues together according to Dateline.

A hunt for a vicious serial killer will put the pair at odds, notably with the sheriff’s tendency to cut corners.

Texas-native Hancocks’s directorial credits include The Highwaymen and 2016’s The Founder which starred Michael Keaton but his writing duties are nothing to slouch at either, having a hand in Snow White and the Huntsman as well as upcoming features Chaos Walking and Infinite.

While this almost sounds like the setup for an old fashioned buddy cop caper, I’m expecting more along the lines of the classic crime-horror film, Se7en. Either way, now that Malek is a household name, acting alongside a seasoned veteran like Washington should be fairly amazing.

What do you think Wasteoids?

Are you ready to see Malek move into the crime thriller genre? (Technically I suppose it would be a return to the crime thriller genre, but he’d be playing an agent of order this time around.)

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