‘Static Shock’ Movie in Development at DC Films

Thought we were done with DC FanDome news?

During a surprise panel at the event last Saturday, filmmaker Reginald Hudlin confirmed that a live-action Static Shock movie is in development at DC Films. No cast, director, or writer is attached, but Hudlin revealed that there have been serious discussions at Warner Bros. about a movie.

The character Static is mostly known for his animated series that aired as part of the popular DC Animated Universe. It is unknown if the upcoming film will be connected to the DC Extended Universe, but given the character’s established history with characters like Superman and Batman it would be foolish not to tie-in.

Phil LaMarr, who voiced Static in the animated series, was also at the panel where he jokingly suggested a prospective director and lead. He said:

“For that movie, talk to Scorsese for me, would you? They got the technology. I could play 14.”

The Static Shock film comes at the same time Milestone Media announced a revival of its entire lineup slated to begin releasing in February 2021. Static will get a new digital comic series as part of the relaunch.

We’ll keep you posted on any casting or behind the scenes updates on the film.

Did you watch Static Shock as a kid? Who would you cast as the character in a live-action film?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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