Stephen King Has Written a Continuation of ‘The Stand’ for CBS All Access

First reported by Deadline and then confirmed by Stephen King on Twitter, King has written a continuation of The Stand for the final episode of the CBS All Access limited series, to be directed by Josh Boone.

After the news broke on Thursday, King took to Twitter:

“The script for the final episode is written. I was glad Josh Boone gave me the chance, because that final story has been in my mind for 30 years.”

Julie McNamara of CBS All Access also spoke about the final episode during the TCA press tour:

“For fans of the book who have wondered what became of the survivors of the stand, this episode will contain a story that takes us beyond the book to answer those questions. A continuation to The Stand; we can’t wait to share that with the world.”

The new material is said to be much more substantial than a simple epilogue and will pick up directly after the final events of the novel.

CBS All Access also officially confirmed the casting of James Marsden, Amber Heard, Henry Zaga and Odessa Young.

As a fan of the novel and full of questions that were never answered, this news is pretty exciting. So often producers or directors will change aspects of King’s work for their adaptations, some for better, and some for worse, so knowing King has had a direct hand in how The Stand will end gives me confidence that most fans will be satisfied with the conclusion.

What do you guys think of the news?

Author: Romona Comet

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