David Ayer to Write and Direct ‘The Dirty Dozen’ Remake for Warner Bros.

You can’t escape the past no matter how hard you try.

Over the last few weeks, we have reported on a Home Alone reboot, a new Planet of the Apes film, a Chinatown prequel, and multiple Stephen King adaptations.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is moving forward on its The Dirty Dozen remake by hiring David Ayer (The Suicide Squad) to write and direct the film. This isn’t the only remake Warner Bros. is actively developing. They also have Mel Gibson‘s The Wild Bunch in early development.

The original Dirty Dozen was released in 1967 and was based on the E.M. Nathanson novel that was inspired by a real group called the Filthy Thirteen. The story involved “a top secret mission that was set into motion before the Normandy Invasion. It followed a group of hardened Army prisoners who were trained to conduct a suicide mission, to stage an assault on a chateau in Brittany where dozens of high ranking German officers are meeting. The hope is that eliminating the leaders will help with the pending D-Day invasion. Those who survive are offered pardons.”

Based on the synopsis above, it’s hard not to assume that some executive at Warner Bros. looked at the description and said, “Give that Suicide Squad director this, they look to be similar.”

Remakes are tricky in that they will immediately be compared to the original. Ayer has his work cut out for him, so here’s hoping he’s able to put his own spin on the material and deliver something new and exciting.

What do you think about Ayer developing a remake of The Dirty Dozen?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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