Ten Spider-Men That Should Appear in the ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Sequel

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, released in 2018 to universe acclaim and winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, deals with Miles Morales’ journey into becoming Spider-Man with the help of five different Spider-Men from alternate dimensions.

It’s a visually stunning reinterpretation of a classic character that has a uniqueness to it and breathes new life into a stale formula. The alternate Spider-Men were a huge reason for the film’s success, and with a sequel now set for 2022, I thought it would be fun to predict which characters Sony should pull from the Spider-Verse next.

Here are Ten Spider-Men Who Should Appear in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sequel.

10. Spider-Punk

A relative new character, Spider-Punk has slowly become a fan favorite since debuting in 2014. Created by Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel, his first appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 #10, but it wouldn’t be till the 2018 Spider-Man game that he would gain the majority of his popularity.

His inclusion in the Spider-Verse sequel is a foregone conclusion but the reason he’s ranked so low, is due to the lack of any discernible character traits outside of a punk costume. I believe the only way to make the character interesting, is by turning him into a woman. A anarchic female punk Spider-Man? Sign me the fuck up.

9. Spider-Monkey

At some point in time, every comic book writer must have signed a blood oath that states that once a comic gets boring or if the writer runs out of ideas, they are to immediately get as ridiculous as possible. Have the X-Men fight aliens or introduce clones in Spider-Man or give Batman a cow. The Marvel Bullpen must have gotten the itch in the late 2000s because for some inexplicable reason, they decided to introduce Marvel Apes, which is exactly what you think it is: the Avengers but with apes and monkeys.

Lasting only a couple of years, Marvel Apes produced enough insane, comedic melodrama (there’s also vampires in this universe. Vampire ape superheroes) to fill an entire movie, let alone a scene stealing cameo.

8. The Bombastic Bagman

After Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) separates the alien symbiote (Venom) from Peter Parker, he’s left without a costume. Since Spider-Man is a comic book character and not a human being that lives in the real world, instead of going home to get his costume or just taking the day off, he decides to create an impromptu costume with whatever was laying around the Baxter Building because goddamn it, if Spider-Man isn’t fighting crime, what the fuck good is he.

With a paper bag on his head and dressed in an old Fantastic Four costume, (complete with a “kick me” sign on the back, compliments of the Human Torch), the Bombastic Bagman was born. Lasting only one issue, the Bombastic Bagman made enough of an impression on fans, that he’s become an alternative skin you can unlock in multiple Spider-Man games.

Even if he’s only used as a throwaway joke in the sequel, I guarantee his appearance would be a crowd-pleaser.

7. The Electric Company Spider-Man

Much like how the 66′ Batman TV show introduced the caped crusader to audiences that had never read a comic before, there is an entire generation of people whose first introduction to Spider-Man was either the cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends or through a series of shorts called “Spidey Super Stories” that ran on the children’s television show The Electric Company.

Completely silent and communicating through thought balloons only, The Electric Company‘s version of Spidey was a wise cracking buffoon that got into a wide variety of comedic scenarios, usually ending with some sort of punchline at his expense.

The Electric Company Spider-Man has more comedic potential than almost any other version of Spider-Man on this list. Picture a scene where one of the other Spider-men use his thought balloon as a shield or what if the panels don’t de-materialize and there’s panels all over the damn place. The jokes practically write themselves.

6. The Six-Armed Spider-Man

Written by Stan Lee, the “Six Arms Saga” is a clusterfuck of crazy that involves Spider-Man slowly turning into a man spider as well as having to deal with a goddamn vampire. It also includes Harry Osbourne turning into a junkie, Peter Parker’s science buddy turning into a lizard man and his girlfriend yelling at him because she thinks he killed her father. Only comics could provide you a story line that combines the melodrama of a daytime soap opera, with a six armed man in tights punching a Dracula.

Six arms aren’t inherently funny but there’s comedy to be mined from a full blown talking spider. He could constantly bitch that he was the only one that changed or a scene with him trying to disguise his hideous spider face with a pair of Groucho Marx glasses could be fun.

5. Zombie Spider-Man

Created by Mark Millar and Greg Land as a one off, crossover character, Zombie Spider-Man eventually develops a crazy as hell story-line that goes literally everywhere. He fights Ash from the Evil Dead films, helps devour every living human being on earth and then–thanks to the power cosmic gifted to him through the delicious brains of Silver Surfer–kills Galactus and takes over the galaxy. He eats so many people, he has to travel to different universes in order to satiate his hunger.

He’d be a perfect villain for the sequel.

4. Turn Off the Dark Spider-Man

Often regarded as one of the biggest blunders in Broadway history, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was an ambitious Spider-Man musical by Julie Taymor, Glen Berger and half the members of U2 (the only two members you know). The production was notorious for being wildly expensive and extremely dangerous, with many of the performers sustaining injuries.

A song and dance Spider-Man that gets progressively more fucked up due to injury in every scene, might be low hanging fruit but sometimes the best jokes are the obvious ones.

3. Turkish Spider-Man

Because copyright laws are almost non-existent outside of the United States, many countries make knock offs of whatever is popular without fear of reprisal. Second only to Italy, Turkey has produced some of the craziest rip off movies ever made. There’s the infamous Turkish Star Wars, the insane Turkish Rambo and the unwatchable Turkish E.T. but the cream of the crop, is their superhero team up extravaganza 3 Dev Adam (a.k.a. 3 Giant Men a.k.a. Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man). 

Because Turkey had no idea who he was, Spider-Man is actually the villain in 3 Dev Adam. It is not clear whether it’s one super tough villain or a gang of similarly dressed criminals but Turkish Spider-Man could be a fun baddie in the Into the Spider-Verse sequel. I mean, he chucks a pair of guinea pigs at Santo for chrissakes. If that’s not true villainy, I don’t know what is.

2. Japanese Spider-Man

Debuting in 1978, Supaidāman (a.k.a. Japanese Spider-Man) ran for 41 episodes until it was unceremoniously cancelled after a year. Outside of the iconic costume, Japanese Spider-Man has absolutely nothing to do with its American counterpart. Peter Parker is now Takuya Yamashiro, a young motorcycle racer who gets his powers not from a radioactive spider but from an alien who is the last surviving warrior of Planet Spider. Along with his giant battle mech Leopardon, Spider-Man uses his newfound powers to take on the insidious Professor Monster and his evil Iron Cross Army, an alien group that plans to rule the universe.

Although a tad similar to Into the Spider-Verse‘s Peni Parker, Japanese Spider-Man has a crazy enough backstory and villains to feel new.

1. Italian Spider-Man

Released on YouTube in 2007, Italian Spider-Man is a film parody of foreign action–adventure films of the 60s and 70s. Created by Dario Russo, Tait Wilson, Will Spartalis, Boris Repasky and David Ashby, Italian Spider-Man lampoons bizarre superhero knock offs such as the Indian version of Superman (1987), 3 Fantastic Supermen (1967), The Batwoman (1968) and the trashterpiece 3 Dev Adam (1973). There’s no chance in hell this character will appear in the Into the Spider-Verse sequel since its a joke only .01% of the audience would get, but as everyone knows, the more obscure the joke, the better it is.

Which Spider-Man do you want to see appear?

Author: Sailor Monsoon

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