‘Uncharted’ Movie Hitting Theaters December 2020

Sony is moving full steam ahead on its adaptation of the popular video game series Uncharted.

Uncharted has been in development for the better part of a decade going through various creative teams (I’m pretty sure at one point Scorsese and De Niro were involved) before finally picking up steam over the last couple of years. Tom Holland was cast as Nathan Drake, meaning the film was instantly a take on the character’s younger days. Dan Trachtenberg signed on to direct after Shawn Levy left the project, and the screenplay by Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker still seems to be in play. All this means that Sony has finally dated Uncharted for a December 18, 2020 release.

Uncharted is probably my favorite series of games for the PlayStation. Nathan Drake is a modern Indiana Jones and his stories are filled with snappy dialogue, great storylines, and heart pounding action. And while I am a fan of Tom Holland (his Spider-Man is second only to the GOAT Maguire), I can’t help but wish someone like Oscar Isaac had been cast. I mean look at this image of Isaac as Poe Dameron from Star Wars: Episode IX next to a still of Nathan Drake from the video games.

THEY ARE PRACTICALLY TWINS! Sony is desperate for a hit (hence the constant rebooting of franchises like Ghostbusters and MiB), so why wouldn’t they want to garner immediate fan support by casting Isaac. Heck, keep Holland to do a flashback as a younger Drake or have the film’s story be told between two time periods. I’m just saying that it’s foolish for Sony to not give this generation the damn near spitting image of Nathan Drake for film. They already went and let Nathan Fillion get too old, and now I suspect they’re going to let the same thing happen with Isaac.

But, if we must have a film with a younger Nathan Drake, then I am all for casting Chris Hemsworth as the younger Sully. If you don’t agree, I’ll have you turn you attention to the fan art below.

What are your thoughts on how the Uncharted film is shaping up? Do you think Holland will be good as Drake? Who do you want to cast as Holland’s Sully?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"