‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Plot Details Revealed? Cheetah and Trevor and Lord, Oh My

ThatHashtagShow have reported that there has been a substantial leak regarding what to expect from the hotly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 describing an unsurprisingly Cold War related scenario.

From the report, self-exiled Amazonian royalty Diana Prince will have taken the role of a spy during the climactic decade, her heritage no doubt making her more than equal to the task of hunting a nefarious and deadly Russian spy.

But what does come as surprising is the possible inclusion of one Maxwell Lord (perhaps portrayed by Pedro Pascal), who according to comic book continuity is a Meta Human with the power to bend wills. It’s thought however that his film incarnation will have a much more potent ability…the power to grant wishes.

This is believed to be the plot hook which will reunite Wonder Woman with her lost paramour Steve Trevor but also provide an origin for a new foe: Cheetah AKA Minerva (Kristen Wiig), who begins as a superfan of Diana (oh yeah, apparently Wonder Woman is going to be a known superhero, in direct conflict with the events of Batman v. Superman. And also a suspicious choice to play a super-spy) and is granted Meta Human powers by Lord.

It’s thought that Lord will attempt to use Trevor’s body as a vessel of possession, while Cheetah’s animalistic side drives her to villainy; will Wonder Woman prevail against this double threat?

Soooooo…yeah. That all sounds just a little weird, to my ears.

Firstly, the whole Kristen Wiig casting has no doubt been talked about to death by now, but I think it merits at least another mention here. Is there anything less animalistic and villainous than Wiig? I don’t want to beat down on the woman’s talents but it’s still a hard thing to imagine…right now. Maybe there’s some thing in the casting session that no one has seen yet, or maybe director Patty Jenkins has a trick up her sleeve to make it work. We shall see.

Which brings us to the “superfan-turned-supervillain” trope, which I legitimately hoped had gone away forever after the bizarrely uneven performance from Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yet here it is again.

The Maxwell Lord inclusion does not seem like a terrible waste; Wonder Woman SHOULD face this kind of god-like evil and the Steve Trevor possession plot seems like a tidy way to kill a few birds with one stone. Maybe too tidy.

Oh and now she’s a well-known superhero, not a quiet antiquarian with bitter-sweet memories of adventures past? This is actually interesting because it may indicate that DC are truly abandoning the canon some of their more divisive films in favour of an evolving continuity (and that’s not necessarily as big a deal as it appears; Marvel’s recasting of Bruce Banner, for example).

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theatres on the 5th of June 2020.

Anyway, let the speculation commence: do YOU think this is a legitimate reveal of what’s in store for Wonder Woman 1984 or do you think the ol’ golden lasso was a little bit loose when someone spilled the beans?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!