Netflix Orders ‘Big Mouth’ Spin-Off ‘Human Resources’

Big Mouth season 3 is now streaming, and has already been renewed for three more seasons. But Netflix wants more raunchy, hormone-escapades, and they’re going to get it!

At the show’s New York Comic-Con panel, Human Resources, focused on the office that employs and keeps track of the various hormone monsters that are paired off with kids during their pubescent adventures, was announced.

Big Mouth co-creator, executive producer and star Nick Kroll gave a little tease (via IndieWire):

“There was a question earlier about Monster World, and if we’re going to do more of that, and we’re actually going to do a lot more than that. It’s a workplace comedy that takes place in the world of the monsters […] about the monsters and creatures and everything else that manages people.”

This is just ripe for potential. Big Mouth is one of the best animated series in my opinion. The writing is sharp, and the jokes are clever. Plus, I just like stupid comedies. Human Resources sounds like it will be Big Mouth but with a heavy dose of The Office thrown in. And honestly, that sounds fucking amazing.

Are you a fan of Big Mouth? Will you be checking out Human Resources?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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