Now It’s Colin Farrell’s Turn to Talk About ‘The Batman’

Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard The Batman actors Jeffrey Wright and Robert Pattinson talk about the upcoming Caped Crusader reboot. Well, now it’s time for another time to chime in.

In an interview with GMA News, actor Colin Farrell revealed his excitement in joining the DC universe as Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin:

It’s all exciting. To be a part of that universe and just there are certain words that are part of my internal lexicon: Gotham City, Penguin, Joker, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, all these things.


Tim Burton’s Batman was kind of my, no, I watched the Adam West TV show growing up actually as well. So Batman as a kid, yes very much, not in comic book form but the TV show I watched ardently when I was a child.  And then in my teens I saw Burton’s version and loved it.


And then obviously I was a huge fan of what Chris Nolan did with that world and how he brought it back to life and gave it an immediacy and a contemporary significance.  So just to be part of, again that folklore, that mythology, is again really cool.


I had only started it and I can’t wait to get back. The creation of it, the aesthetic of the character, has been fun and I really am so excited to get back and explore it. And I haven’t got that much to do. I have a certain amount in the film. I am not all over it by any means. But there are a couple of some tasty scenes I have in it and my creation and I can’t wait to get back. Yeah, I totally feel like it is something that I have not had the opportunity to explore before. It feels original and fun. But I am only at the start of the journey so I can’t wait to get back and really get into it.

All the actors involved seem to only have great things to say about the upcoming DC Comics adaptation. Of course, it’s unlikely they’d have bad things to say, but they all seem to be really keen to get this film in the bag and show it to the world.

Let’s hope it’s worth the wait!

The Batman hits theaters October 1, 2021.

Do you think Farrell will turn in a memorable performance as the Penguin?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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