‘Black Adam’ in Talks With Jaume Collet-Serra to Direct the ‘Other Half’ of Shazam!

Shazam! was something of a tension-releasing breath that Warner/DC have been looking for after their critically scrutinised entries into the superhero genre – but as fun as that was, there is another side to the antics of Billy Batson and his mystically endowed alter ego.

Black Adam has long been Shazam’s natural foil; bestowed with the same powers as Batson, the characters flirts between ‘corrupt former Shazam’ and redemption-seeking anti hero.

The ancient Egyptian super-being will be played by Dwayne “Blockbusters Are What I Do, Also The Rock” Johnson in the film which is in negotiations with Jaume Collet-Serra to direct the feature. Collet-Serra is believed to reunite with his Disney Jungle Cruise star according to Variety.

The man isn’t all animatronic monkeys and Disney-stalgia though, having given us a couple of decent Liam Neeson action dramas in The Commuter and Run All Night as well as 2016’s shark-bait thriller, The Shallows.


Release schedule dates are a little bit in the air but earlier reports seem to indicate that Warner Bros. are interested in at least four more films in the Shazam! sub-verse; with Shazam! gaining an obvious sequel, it will be interesting if they don’t interplay one or two Black Adam flicks before some sort of cataclysmic finale – a bold and interesting plan if they go that route.

What do you guys think? Interested in seeing The Rock finally enter the superhero arena?

I’ve always had a little trouble with his few villain roles (Doom, but really that was the least of the issues going on there), but a badass anti hero? Yeah, that could work.

Is Collet-Serra a good choice for director?

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